My Projects!

hiiii :)

how is u? :p

Pokémon Quiz

A fun little quiz to test your knowledge on Pokémon!

Click me to catch 'em all!

good? great :D

Kermit's Tea

Fun facts about kermit and his tea. :D

Click me to read some facts.

u still reading these?

Ocean Painting

A nice picture of a happy happy ocean :)

Click me to see a happy ocean! :)

these r just spacers

Eistein Calculator

Can't remember the solution to a problem? Ask Einstein himself!

Click here to calculate stuff.

nothing interesting here, stap


Want to play foosball? Don't have a foosball table? No prob!

Click here to play a game.

u could be doing other thingsss

Fruit Ninja

Slice fruit to get a highscore! Good luck.

Click here to slice and dice!

reading these r a waste of time >:C

go play 1 of the things or somethin'


bai bai :>